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Looking for a way to learn fast? Here we are! Webinar Academy is an innovative platform, which will help you to broaden your knowledge in line with contemporary methods.

Especially for you, we prepared courses live, currently available in 15 languages. We are constantly developing however our offer, so that it's available also in other countries.

Why did we decide to use webinars? It's because we want to ensure that you get modern access to knowledge. Like this,you decide when and how you want to study. You choosewhich materials are interesting for you. We guarantee the highest level of knowledge and a simple way of learning, which will allow you to acquire practical skills.

Every day, we work on new materials, which will help you to discover more about innovative solutions in various fields.

Thanks to our WEBINARS, you will easily change the quality of your life, without leaving the house.

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How to lose weight

Overweight and obesity are escalating problems in the Western world. In the USA, between 25 and 50% of the female population are said to constantly trying to lose weight, obviously with little success.


The Potency

No one should feel embarrassed about their sexual dysfunctions or incapability, because it’s not uncommon.  There are thousands of men and women struggling with this problem. This webinar is going to change your life. It can help you understand the causes of your problems with potency and how they can be treated.


Pain Relief

Every second person is suffering from pain - one way or another, all over the world.  Pain can have multiple causes. Learning them makes it easier to fight and overcome them.


Good Luck Coins

Feel like bad luck is following you in private, professional and financial aspects of life? Find out how to change it>>

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No matter where you are. You can use our materials at any time and in any location worldwide.

With us you can be sure that you get a professionally prepared portion of knowledge that will help you grow and will make you enjoy the learning process. Our WEBINARS represent a modern learning method that will allow you to easily acquire knowledge in a short time.

Our focus is on high quality and a simple form!









Customer reviews

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Jiří Dvořák

Czech Republic

I thought that the question of how to save money when getting everyday groceries will remain a mystery to me. Now I understand that everyone can learn more about it, if they only want. if others can change a few crowns into a bigger amount of money, I will try, too. Thank you, Academy!

Product: Managing household budget

Alexandre Redon


I recommend the webinar on charms. It's eye-opening in terms of many aspects of success in everyday life! My whole family is using them now.;)

Product: Webinar Charms and talismans in our lives

Annaluzja Török


Thanks to the webinar, I learned how to use the lucky fortune coins. Ever since I started to carry them in a special place, I can't complain about not being lucky:) Really!:)

Product:Webinar entitled Attracting Good Luck

Marko Mikhalek


It turned out that constant stress I'd been fighting with for several years was a problem of many. Only with this webinar, my eyes opened. It's good to know how others tackle this issue. Now I'm more conscious of the problem.

Product: Webinar Meditation techniques

Deniz Filipoiu


Webinar became my favorite way of learning. It passes knowledge in a simple way and even a beginner like me has no problems with understanding the subject. I'm happy that in a simple way I could get to know the methods which develop knowledge about the less waste movement.

Product: Webinar Living in the spirit of less waste

Ivana Masna


Amazing courses. Without leaving the house, I learned how people all around the world save up to 60 euro a month. For my family of 4 it is really a lot.

Product: Webinar Economical shopping online

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